Wow! Special feature!

Man, I gotta momentarily drop out of RB more often; the coolest things seem to happen while I’m gone. ;)

There’s what I consider to be a very special group here called “That One Great Shot,” where you can only enter one piece at a time — your very best. And I just discovered that my entry, “Squashes,” has been featured on their main page for four days. My entry! Out of the best that RB has to offer! Seriously, I’m FLOORED.

If anything, I feel like this image is testament to what I love best about photography — that split second when you see something magical, press the button and hope like hell you caught it. I’ve been doing a lot of more formal portraiture recently, but I find I still love that split-second candid shot best, and those are the shots I most enjoy working on in post-production.

“Squashes” was a total fluke, a beautiful instant of time. The light, the halos in her hair — I could never duplicate that again no matter how I might try. And that’s what’s magical about it. I’m just glad other people appreciate the magic as well.

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