Selective Color Tutorial Here

I am making this tutorial as short as possible without going in to to much detail due to My situation this week. The steps that I have provided will get you the results that you need.

Selective Color Tutorial

Ok lets get ready for our selective color tutorial. I have uploaded the full color version of Mickey and A Coke to my profile page. We will use this photo for our tutorial. View the photo as large as you can and copy the image to your desktop.

Open the Mickey and A Coke in photoshop. Once you have it opened select all and copy it. Now go to your windows pulldown menu at the top of your screen and pull down to layers to open up your layers window.

Once you have your layers window open now go to the pulldown menu Image / mode / Grayscale to make the image a B&W image. Once you have the image in grayscale go back to your pulldown menu image / mode / RGB to convert the working space back to color. You will still have a B&W image.

Now you want to paste the image that you copied directly over the B&W image in a new layer. Go to the arrow in the top of your layers window, click and pull down to new layer to create a new layer. In that new layer paste the color image that you copied earlier.

Now go back to the layers window. Beside the layer that contains the B&W image you will see a lock. Double click on that lock to transform the background into another layer. Name that layer B&W. Now drag the color layer down below the B&W layer, this will send your color layer to the back.

Now that we have the color layer in the background its time to start the transformation. Im going to make this simple. You can use your magic wand to select and delete areas of the chair if you want. I am just going to use the eraser tool to erase the areas of the B&W image to let the color show through. Ok so select your eraser tool. Now go to the top of the screen and you will see Mode. Change the eraser mode to brush. Beside of the Mode menu you will see the Brush menu. You can use this menu to change the size of your eraser tool throughout the process.

Now go to your layers window and make sure you have the B&W layer selected before you start erasing.

Zoom in on the chair and start erasing the chair. The red from the color image should start to show through. Once you have the chair how you want it, go to the layers window and click on the arrow in the top of that window and pull down to flatten image and click to flatten the image.

There you go, that wasn’t so hard was it. I hope you all enjoy my teachings.

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