Curvs Tutorial Is Here!!!

Curves Tutorial

Ok everybody, here is the curves tutorial.

Once you have your Levels all worked out it is time to get to work on curves. Curves is one of those adjustments thats kinda up to you and what you like. Get ready now we are going to add some punch to our photos.

Lets work with the same image that we worked with in Levels. So now go a head and open up that image.

Go to your pulldown menu Layer / New Adjustment Layer / Curves. Name this layer Curves 1. You should get a window that says curves at the top. At the bottom of that window you will see Preview. Make sure that your Preview box is checked.

Now look at the box with the grid. You will see a Diagonal line that runs through it. Place your cursor some where on that top diagonal line and click once to set a point.

At the bottom you should see input and output. In the input type 158. Now in the output type 168. You will notice how the line moves when you type in these numbers.

Now take your cursor and click on the diagonal line below the last point that you set. Go to your Input and output and type. Input 100 and 83 for output. Note these numbers are only for a good starting point. You may increase or decrease these values as you see fit.

Now you have Increased contrast and tonal value in your photo. Click OK to set these values.

Now Go to your layers window in the top right hand side and click on the arrow and pull down to flatten image to flatten the two layers.

Vuala now you have completed your curves adjustments.

I hope you all find my tutorials helpful. Have fun and and don’t be afraid to ask me questions.

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