Gray Cards For Sale

Hey everybody I have 5×7 White Balance Gray Cards for sale. My gray cards have been checked with a spectrograph at Tennessee State University and are an exact neutral gray at 18%. They are made of a hard flexable material and solid color all the way through. They can be washed with soap and water. If the card gets scuff marks on them you can sand them out with 300 grit sand paper and they will look as good as new. Check this out Im selling them for only $5.00 U.S. pluss $1.00 shipping. over seas $15.00 U.S. Why so cheap? Because I cant even justify paying $30.00 for a grey card. If you are interested just leave me a message in my bubblemail and I’ll send you a link to my paypal site.

Oh yea they work great I have been using mine for about a month now and it has cut down on my editing time tremendously.

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