Allert!!! All U.S. Bubblers

Here in the U.S. this early spring there has been an over abundance of Tick infestations. While out in the field about a week ago I was bombarded by ticks. I picked about 50 of of me that day and 2 out of the skin. I just recently got back from the Dr.s office and am being treated for Lime Disease. My Business partner also contracted Lime Disease from a tick about a week ago as well. Here in all of Tennessee there are only about 4 cases per year. My Dr said that he has already treated 2 cases other than mine and my partners. Please every body take caution, especially if you are a nature photographer or a wild life photographer. Deet does not work on ticks, I dont care what any one tells you it doesnt work. Your best bet is to use a product containing Permethrin. You spray it on your clothing not your skinn. It stays active for about a month even through washes. It is the same active ingredient in K9 Advantix. It causes the tick to curl up and fall off imidately and die upon contact. You can find it at your sporting goods store. Make shure it contains Permethrin. I hope this helps some of you out there shooting in nature.

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