Piscataway, United States

-I am the Photographers Poet. I paint pictures with my words and write stories with my camera. A neophyte artist; trying to find his way...

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A college student trying to find his way in this world._

Love and Respect
J. Shade

Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait [If youth but knew, if old age but could]. Henri Estienne Les Premices (1594)-

“One must not always think so much about what one should do, but rather what one should be. Our works do not ennoble us; but we must ennoble our works.
Work and Being Meister Eckhart

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  -Strangers in the Wind-

We were like strangers in the wind, yet we were the best of friends. We moved with every twist and twirl, with every breeze the wind would hurl. Yet the wind is  unforgiving, and non-judgmental. And some leaves float longer than others. Some land on water and float on forever, while I; I landed under your feet. And while I was happy to be your footstool, to lift you up on thinner air, you touched…
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Just thoughts in my head after writing a completely unrelated poem.

Intrafamily fighting leaves nothing but chaos in its wake. Nothing good comes of it. One side might might win, a people might be set free; yet just like war those involved never truly win. For the loss of life is to great. However is the masses greater than the individual. Is the massacre of many worth the freedom of those who massacre them. Is war worth its bloodshed.
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Angels and Airwaves - Good Day

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_Guys and College_

yea so we was up in this place doin what we do and this dude gonna tryna sta……………………mmmhmmm yea she fine, she def be fine bro, man I love college, I Love College.. so yea he tryna start somthi……… yup, yup, yea mmhmmm love the college life, yesirrr.. so he tryna start something with a brotha, whadcha do? bro I beat the sh…. uh…
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