Jefferson, United States

Medically retired from the Army with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, I have traveled across the country until finally settling...

I am a medically retired military from the Viet nam era. Currently I receive 100% disability from the VA. I live in the mountains of NC and have lived in 11 states, as well as, visited all but Maine and Alaska. Hopefully I can find a few people who would enjoy my work well enough to make a difference. I have a website which features all my books at: endorthewizard.com. Come see what I have for you.

Endor: The Final Chapter
by JRGarland

Autumn’s Moon
by JRGarland

Touched Reality (book-cover)
by JRGarland

And the Beat Goes On

  • Age: 64
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Time to eat crow. My schizophrenia took over and the war was on. Thankfully I allowed time for corrections to be made before addressing the courts and all. I greatly regret having reacted to what was perceived as a irreplaceable act against us writers. / Now I’m not accepting the full blame as RB has consistently and steadily inched the writers outside the door for a long time. This just ha…
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If RB wants war, I'll show them how it's played

A dear friend of mine has shown up after a long absence and I wanted to go back in my records to find the nickname I use to call her as a blessing to her reappearance. When I tried to find my past works from my profile page all of my written works from years past were gone and ONLY my artworks remained. I use RB to house my works so that, at the appropriate time, I could retrieve the works to mak…
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Self Love Mastery

Hey everyone, / I’m almost finished with a self-love mastery course that is free to the public. It’s done by the legendary Rikka Zimmerman. / I was introduced to Rikka by a trusted friend who said that she was the foremost authority on developing the mindsets surrounding the mastery of self-love in the human equation. So many of us have learned how not to love ourselves and for many r…
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Good news and ehhh

Good news is, I just finished my year long classes in becoming a certified life coach … YAY!!!! Now comes the mad dash of getting the rest of my requirements finished before taking the final exam. I’m almost done!! / The ehhh is I’m also pressing forward with building my business as a life coach. Although great news in itself, the ehhh is now I won’t have much time to spen…
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Upon This Soil

Silvery specks against a black velvety canvas / Illuminated by the black lights of heaven / Cascading its way across the skies unto dawn / …

Creative Flow

Deep in the vast consciousness of the mind / Rest the fullness of love’s eternal salvation / As it gallops through the universe so wi…

Life’s Illusions

Being separated from source / Is nothing but a mere illusion / For there’s nothing that can / Separate us from the love within / Whos…

The Answer

Pages of dreams aligned in withering rhyme / Borrowing glimpses of wintering rivers sublime / Where passionate summers grow in the night /…

Beyond Limitations

One must love themselves / If you want to grow beyond / Our limitations

Self-love Blocks

Are you seeking the approval / Of others instead of yourself / Is loving yourself too scary / Being too dangerous, just not safe / Do you …
Arrr Me Harties by JRGarland


Desire is the father of all thoughts in motion / Following the breeze given direction from the Divine / Its notion is given meaning by what…

The Abundance of Grace

The whispering trees soothes the soul / As the spirit of the wind gently blows / Across the mountains unto the ocean’s breath / Engag…

Light Dispels Darkness

Light dispels darkness / What beauty lies within the heart of the beholder / The dark energies of the Universe / Has no power over the disp…

True Success

Achieving our milestones / Extending beyond our years / Overcoming great obstacles / Growing stronger as we go / The accomplishments of a l…

Angel Flight

No Angel Flight for me / I am left all alone / With dried up tears / Am I able to roam / My world is in turmoil / As heaven must wait / I m…
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