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Medically retired from the Army with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, I have traveled across the country until finally settling...

The End of Times

There is a man I know, who is a Godly man, who witnessed the death of an old friend who was 94. He spoke fondly of the old man and spoke from his heart what was his understanding concerning God and the passing of his friend. The way he spoke brought to mind of my own understanding of death and what I believe shall happen in the days to come. I proceeded to share my inspired belief based on my knowledge of the Word. It is my own interpretation of the Word and I therefore highly recommend you study the Word and make up your own mind as to the truth. It went as follows:

Death is nothing more than the separation of life when the body and soul disconnects only to be given new life and understand here after in the heavenly realms. First unto gravedom until the appointed time to reconnect in our spiritual body from on high, the resurrected body given by the Almighty God to perform the new rites given by the master, our Lord and savior Jesus Christ to build a new life in the divine created by the master by way of the Almighty God unto a new life living in the fullness which God had foreordain that we shall walk therein until the fullness of time when we shall be drawn unto the Bema of Christ to burn the chaff away and allow the beauty to remain which is our reward in the placement within the body as God sees fit before sending us back with Christ to rule the world during the millennium yet ahead. There we shall learn many new things to prepare us for the end time where the clashing of the titans create the rift which God shall cast the host of Hell through the Lake of fire to become separate from God which is the final death, the complete separation of the life which is God. Then Lucifer and his followers will receive their heart’s desire and be ruled by Lucifer himself and those of us who has accepted God shall remain with Him within the kingdom of Heaven, world without end, Amen.

Is this the ranting of a schizophrenic, or the revelation of a Man of God … you decide.

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