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Infinite vs Finite

The whole universe is made up of both the infinite and the finite. Simply put, the finite has boundaries where as the infinite has no boundaries. We, being finite creatures, can only begin to understand the infinite in that it exist. The universe in itself is infinite, having no boundaries of existence and holding both the infinitely large to the infinitely small mass/void/time/space. It has no boundaries of time as it always was, is and ever will be. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase; “In the beginning.” By shear logic, therefore, in the beginning is simply the center of existence. It is from that point that the infinite exist. Herein lies the beginning of our limited understanding of God and all He has created.

Each of us has a beginning, a starting point. The closest we become to identifying with God is in realm of eternity … having no end, yet in our present state we see an end to our existence as we know it. Therefore, it is only in our conjecture that we believe there is no end to our existence.

There is also, by our conjecture that there lies the three realms of the existence, body (physical, finite, a beginning and an end), soul (the real you, eternal, a beginning and no end) and spirit (God, infinite, no beginning and no end). Each realm has the properties of both the finite and infinite, in the category of time and space. Angels exist in the spirit realm which gives the finite/eternal properties there. The Christ also fits here regardless of how you see him.

The single most mind blowing thought we have concerning God is the “everywhere present” nature. That everywhere is in reference to both time and space and that time is now.

Forget it!! We, who are finite beings, can only think in finite terms. The infinite is beyond our feeble understanding, even though we know of its existence. If this is making you scratch your head or make you wonder, just consider the source … ME!! LOL I’m the one who wrote this stuff and it resides well within my head. I needed to write something so I picked a subject and went with it. This is how I decided to end this chapter of my life. Tomorrow starts a new chapter in my life which I will tell you about it then. And since tomorrow never gets here, you may have to wait a while. LOL Just remember, when the future arrives in the present, it becomes history. That’s the eternal “NOW.”

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