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Medically retired from the Army with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, I have traveled across the country until finally settling...

Into the Wild

My brother Sam, his wife and I went to the mountains in Va. and had a blast rockhounding the rivers and streams in the area. You just never know what you can find there. There are lots of crystals of different sorts that can fetch a pretty penny to the right buyers. If you get the right kind of rocks you’ll be able to at least pay for the trip so you can have a great time doing what you enjoy doing and be able to afford doing it.

This trip had a lot of rain and flooding so we didn’t do as well as if we could of had more time to spend hunting. Also when we had the sunny days, it got up into the 90’s so mid afternoon onward was spent around the cabin. I’m crazy, not stupid. LOL With some of the stones we picked up, we should come close to recovering the cost of going out on the trip and be able to do it again in a few months. I would like to make each trip out to bring in enough to get some upgrades to the house going so I can increase the value of the property for my children’s sake.

Being schizophrenic I have to find creative ways to make money. I have established a good steady income to use as my base funds, which I use to budget myself with and a lot of other projects thrown in to bring extra funds with potential to do better as time rolls on. I may not ever become a millionaire, but I’ll have a blast trying. Afterall, what else is there to do. The basic logic in life is to find out what you like to do and find ways to make money doing it and just do your best to live comfortably. Everyone, sane or no, has a dream they truly want filled. It is the many who have the courage and the means to build it up.

For many years I didn’t have the means to establish myself and until a few years ago I could barely stay afloat. Now I have a base pay that satisfies my basic needs and have enough creativity to dream up avenues to enrichen my life as I travel in this world. I don’t know how well I’ll do in life, but everyone will be able to tell that I enjoyed it all in both good and bad days.

Writing is where I do my best and so far I have done well with people I know and a few that I never met before. I want so much for more and more people to read and enjoy my work enough to follow me on my adventures throughout the years. I always put my whole heart into the works and so far I have had no complaints from those who read them. I’m hoping that all the work I’ve done to promote my books pan out in the months and years to come. I want to see its progress grow to noteriety and beyond. The measure of success for the writer is the numbers read and enjoyed. I will know that they are enjoyed by the numbers of different books they own.

I’m rambling on again. LOL I do that a lot, so I hope you forgive me. I just feel so close to you all that I tend to ramble on with what’s running through my mind at the time. Even though there are so very few who dislike me, I had always had a problem with people staying around long enough to get to know me. That is what makes RB such an appealing place to go. Here we look for new people to get to know and build friendships all over the world. I have a family of friends here that I can truly admire. You are all the very best that life has to offer.

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