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Hi I am an Australian Artist that loves the outback, the deserts and the wide open spaces of Oz. My paintings have received international...

Interesting Process!

This is the first time I have tried to produce works for print media rather than using the images for inspiration for painting. It is an entirely different process and what might seem great as a painting or photo, doesn’t always translate into print easily.

I’ve found that my latest works which are acrylic on canvas and in a square format can’t be used at all…….that my public works which act as social commentary don’t translate into cards, prints etc……

And I have nothing that looks good on a t-shirt.

Being a fairly conservative artist, I’ve found that my free watercolours look fine in any shape etc though….I guess because they are loose to start with.

Some of my photos are fine also, flower portraits look great…….conservative but nice!

Whereas my landscapes, hell! they look dreadful!

It took me ages to create a calendar. But I absolutely love this site and will use it to buy cards and t-shirts from time to time.

It’s been a great exercise for me and has made me look at my work differently. I think I have grown yet again this week.

Thank you Redbubble!

Viva la future!

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