tv tens years gone

so i called my cable company one day, now ten yrs ago, to cancel my subscription. they said…mr clipper your service has been disconnected due to no payment a month ago. well there is a stack of bills unopened on my bookcase. you see when my wife and kids moved elsewhere, the first thing i realized i could live without was tv. it just took me a little time to notice.

9/11 had a lot to do with this change i’m sure. i watched the towers fall, in near real time, on tv, and soon did not want to see the world, as you know, it any more. yrs later i’m still not balanced about that day, because it evokes irrational anger towards my fellow man. i refuse to hate any group of people based on the actions of a few.

and so i weened. relegated to just watching the movies i had purchased and before long online fare. these days i get most of what i watch from the library. some for entertainment, some for its educational value. i think i’ve learned more in the last ten yrs than ever in my life. most importantly i’ve learned the insidious nature of commercials. if one sees an item advertised enough, we want it. today i feel as though i want, only what i want or more importantly… need.

someday i will return to watching tv like everyone else. it is becoming a more and more fascinating medium. but no time soon. its not like i’ve ever really been in touch with the world around me. this has only made my original defection clear.

sept 2012

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