half empty


i figure this to be my last decade. i’ve had 5. my father died at 54 and i promised him i’d live a good life till 55. i hadnt live a good up till a decade ago, but i dont expect that to increase my longevity. fact is i still drink and smoke like i’m gonna die tomorrow, and because of that i may. being good only applies in a moral sense.

my biological father passed at 62. i dont know him at all. when my mom and i discuss him, she has to remind me his name is robert not james. but wether its 55, 62, all the years of fried food, or the pint i drink everyday, the life clock is surely ticking against me.

and yet thats not a problem for me. the cup of my life is not half empty or half full… it runneth over. i have 615 my entries to make in my 1000 stories to tell. presuming the lord gives me 5 more yrs to honor my father with, i have more than enough time to accomplish my last goal.

i have acheived so many. the small screen, the big screen, the computer screen my art has reached them all. vip treatment…been there did that. my art, my defining trait for 35 years now (next blog), lives past my flesh and has served my life well.

having regrets is part of living, so in a sense i have no regrets.
i have 3 amazing children. i got a whole lot right as a parent, though i need some work as a grandfather. but hey she’s only 1, this kinda thing takes practice. lol.

december 13 2010

still missing you tina, happy birthday in heaven.

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