billy says i should say i feel young, but i dont. i feel old.
but i’ve felt old since i was young so i guess i do feel young.
yesterday i climbed a fence. long story short, i dont think i’ll be climbing any more fences. i’m 50 now. i’ve been climbing fences the whole time.
i like to be more sober now but i havent got over that fence. i’m streaming now. i thought about what i’d write today, but i had no real clue till now. i meant to do this sober but i’m not.
so what do i have to say about me now that i’ve gotten to be 50.
i’m about to grow up. its out there, almost touchable.

the further i go the farther i realize i have to go.
so many things, so little time, or is it…
to be con…

december 11 2010

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