I would first off like to thank all yawl that make my year end wrap-up one of my most read pieces.

The year got off to a great start with me getting two photos that were very long over due. The first being a

picture of myself with my kids and granddaughter. Sadly in all these years the 5 of us could not get in the same place at the same time. The second was a photo of my eldest and his daughter suitable to add to a series of pics that started back in the fifties. My grandmother took a pic of herself and my mother age 5 all decked out.

My mother then took one of me and her when I was 5. I took one for each of my brats when they were 5.

This is the set of pictures I see everyday as I walk out my door.

Parenting is never an easy thing and all mine are going through some pains as adult hood takes full hold.

But that did lead to me making a meme. A picture of Scooby and a de-masked ghost – “My master plan for parenting would have worked to if it were not for those meddling kids!”. One of a couple of memes I made

which is new for me and I’m kinda surprised it had never occurred to me sooner to start making my own.

Anyway my kids would all say this has been a pretty hellish year for them. But hey they all had jobs, so I’m happy lol.

In general I had a burst of creativity. I guess my mind has really absorbed tax law so it has more time to ponder.

Like pondering the pond in pondering. What came out is this years story SINK, THE STONERS PRAYER and especially WHY THE WORLD DOESNT NEED SUPERMAN BY LOIS LANE a very tasty bit. None of which I had been pondering, they just popped out.

Business continues to be good I have done even more clients than last tax season and its almost easy now. The Haunted Experience also had a bangin year with our just off main st location. Now I don’t measure happiness by money, but I did make enough to make some cool life changes such as getting rid of my roommate. So my daughter has joined my son and myself living with me full time.

Politics was a hot topic this year, but wrote a separate piece for that as well as my increasing numbness

to the loss of friends and family. Both seem to me to more of an ongoing arcade of reactions as appose to how

I feel or reacted to a thing this particular year. And my extended family just grew by one with two more on the way. So cant dwell too much on sorrow when there are cheeks to be pinched.

This particular year was smooth. So smooth considering all the changes that I’m kinda waiting for the zombie apocalypse. Lol, people we so suck. Even when all is going

good we keep worrying about it ending.

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