Pondering: Why does a buyer select a specific card?

Have you ever wondered what would be the reason that a buyer would choose a certain image or message of a card from among tens of thousands of options? This mystery confounds itself with RedBubble allowing artists to exponentially offer new choices every second. And yet, it seems that some images defy the distractions of too many selections. They seem to have found the magic.

To try to describe this magic, let’s consider what a card provides. It provides the giver an opportunity to express something very personal in ways that his or her words alone can not convey. It provides the receiver an opportunity to display and cherish this message. And, the gesture connects both the giver and receiver in a unique sentiment for that single moment.

It is understanding this connection that can lead to unraveling the mystery of a card buyer’s choice. One way to examine this is to think about the chemical reaction where hydrogen and oxygen become water. Standing alone these two gasses are invisible. Yet when mixed at just the right proportions they convert their gaseous state to become a something we can taste, touch and smell. Yet more transformations occur when we add heat making the mixture vapor. Applying cold it becomes ice.

The gesture of giving the right card to the right person at the right moment is like this chemical reaction. The giver and receiver are the hydrogen and oxygen. The occasion and message are the right proportions and the application of heat/cold. Science gives us the recipe for water, ice and steam; but not the recipe that transforms some paper into a heart-felt moment. For that we need to look at the uncountable facets of humanity.

We can easily identify an occasion which prompts the idea to buy a card: a special day, polishing off the presentation of a gift or communicate that someone is being thought of. The context of the message is what is the magic behind the card.

This is where the giver reacts to something identifiable for the receiver, be it a theme, aesthetic, hobby or interest. The giver matches the desired mood which could be elation, sadness, apologies, inspiration.appreciation, gloom, affection and the list goes on. Then, finally there is the spark that uniquely ignites this gesture into something immortal. The item that compels the receiver to treasure this unique piece of paper and where we as artists play our role.

Our choices of paper quality, printing, medium, subject and colors all combine to explode at the eyes of the beholder. Many cards are stunning, but if a specific card does not bulls eye all of these components, it will be overlooked for another. These qualities of vehicle, theme, emotion, color and subject are the notions behind the creation of the images to transform the gesture into something remarkable. These also help us define the tags for a buyer’s search.

After all of this pondering, I am interested in others’ thoughts and experience about the magical combination that hits the mark with card buyers.

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