Jordan Clarke

Sydney, Australia

A mish-mash of artist, illustrator and designer. Fascinated by all things dark, whimsical and vintage her work is characterized by a...

It's a Beautiful World - New Illustration

Well I hope no one will think I’m a crazy tree-hugging environmentalist – or worse – riding the coat tails of the current media-hype for environmental awareness. I think I am like most people who recycle, use green supermarket bags and use plant derived cleaning products – but who also stop short of using recycled paper toilet tissue (I did once for a while, but the luxury of 3ply is too good).
This is one of my favourite works so far, simply for the classic black and white (with all shades of grey) and dynamic composition.
I imagine this on a classic white tee or in a magazine opening spread. But of course, nice of its own. Not sure if anyone would like a great big skull staring down at them from their wall, but it wouldn’t bother me.

Anyway, tell me what you think…

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