Jordan Clarke

Sydney, Australia

A mish-mash of artist, illustrator and designer. Fascinated by all things dark, whimsical and vintage her work is characterized by a...


I still exist! Have been busy working and developing new work – being the perfectionist I am I’m waiting till I have some really great work to share. Never seems to be enough time in the day!

Working on a piece for submission to Curvy 08 and creating a new body of work with many new directions. My brain is buzzing too much to focus just yet. Also finishing off my website – the pages are all up and live – but no gallery images yet. But it’s pretty to look at anyway…{my website}

So if you’ve been wondering why my profile has been so quiet of late, and you’ve received no replies to all your wonderful comments – now you know why!
Hope everyone had a wonderful seasonal break and enjoyed themselves. Best of luck to you all for 2008.


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