Änglar exhibition

In the beginning of this year I got the proposal of creating something related to the theme “Änglar” (wich is Swedish for “Angels”) within of my artistical area – photography. At first I panicked: “Oh no, I am a landscape and abstract photographer and now I do have to shoot people??” – I though. Nevertheless, I didn’t give up. I knew that I couldn’t just deliver some “usual” photographs with the absolute typical angel concept that people usually have in their mind, I was forced to come up with something really exciting! I got the first sketch of my exhibition idea when I went to Gnosjö to shoot the Töllstorps area. After that I checked out real good the place I knew that I wanted to shoot over there, the surroundings fited just perfectly!

From the moment on that I had tow models, ideas started to flod my mind with places and techniques that I wanted to use for the photo shooting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible at all to do everything that I had planed due to legal authorizations to shoot in some of the places demanded by the law, owners or authorities. Some of them never even answered to my requests… In the end, I was forced to improvise to get what I wanted to do due to those speed bumps…

My final idea for this mission was to create fantastic environments where angels wonder or protect (just like in the typical idea of angels). When I think about angels, I think about something that isn’t really from this world, something magical, special, sacred… Something that transforms and influences the environment around us, that usually comes in dreams. Therefore, the HDR technique was just perfect for what I wanted to do…

Please, do take the time to see here the permanent exhibition.

P.S. – Who said that you need to have everything absolutely steady to shoot HDR? ;)

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