The days of peace, love and tie-dye shirts are long gone, today it’s about political correctness, nuclear disaster and designer shirts, of course mans need for forbidden fruit will always be there and that’s were we come in.

I live for kicking people’s heads in, snorting heavily cut cocaine and working for Harry Winters, some say that mateship has gone the way of vinyl records and free love but we’re definitely exception to that. Now don’t get me wrong, I do indulge but I’m not an addict I can keep my urges under control unlike Billy “The Bulldozer” who, even though he is well into his forties with a wife and kids still manages to snort two grams of coke and kick the shit out of the best of them.

Anyway enough small talk, my names Tim Murdoch I’m a low level enforcer for the Winters Gang, we control the suburbs of Chelsea and Kensington in London, our primary “rackets” out narcotics and girls. Harry Winters is the boss, the main man who rules with an iron fist, his right hand man is Benny “Tomatoes” Thompson I have absolutely no idea why we call him “Tomatoes” but the fact that when he gets pissed or just plain pissed off his face turns red might have something to do with it, he carries out the orders that Harry give him and turns it over to Micky “Blacky” Redfern, now his called “Blacky” because his got red hair. “Blacky” runs us misfits with the help of Bulldozer whose just plain fat. The Bulldozer is just like us he loves a drink and a line and therefore can’t be trusted to have an important job, but he is respected among the younger guys so Harry gave him a title that really had no significance which kept him happy.

Harry’s number one rule is “DON’T GET HIGH ON YOUR OWN SUPPLY”, which of course can be bent every so often, but what he hates is disrespect and if anyone tries to go out on their own they are punished severely I learnt that when I had to sort out a bloke I knew from school called Jimmy Crane, I had heard that he was moving up with Harry’s boys from a couple of old school chums but was quite surprised when I got a call from “The Bulldozer” saying that Winters wanted to see me and saw Crane was sitting on a barstool at Harry’s office. Harry had heard from “The Bulldozer” that I was handy with my fists, and had just learnt that Crane was talking to the local boss of the Mafia, who Winters utterly despised, so when I got to Harry’s office he was making a speech to me but it was aimed at everyone, especially Crane, now this prick used to give me shit at High School and I was glad to kick the piss out of him when Harry told me that I was taking over Cranes spot only after he lifted Crane off his barstool and smashed a brandy glass over his head. “Now that’s leadership for ya” The Bulldozer said as him and I went off to deal with Crane.

In the late nineteen eighties a new wave of techno hit the streets of the UK and with it came a new drug from Germany that was first used for as a marriage counselling drug, and after I tried it I immediately understood why, hugging every bloke I knew and making sexual advances to every girl with two legs.

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