Days of Peace PART 2

Harry was one of the first to see the potential profit from the “Rave” culture, and since he already had a motley crew of kids on his side, he would chuck in about a grand and buy some ecstasy, he would get us to go to the raves and sell these little pills for ten pounds a pop, and we’d came back give him the dough and he’d give us a taste. Harry was making an eighty per cent profit, and because we all got a cut we were more than happy to make it for him.
The next drug was cocaine which is totally controlled by The Yardies, a Jamaican gang. Harry knew that he had to get in to coke, but was cautious of The Yardies boss George Meare, who had been known to kill people in the street who even looked at him funny. The Bulldozer was known in the Yardies circle so he got the order to set up a meeting with the two bosses, after a few heated words it was agreed that we would get cheap cocaine in exchange for a piece of Harry’s prostitution ring and the rest as they say is history.
Harry made a name for himself in the sixties when his old man was the undisputed King of Chelsea, Harry Snr was the type of guy who knew that putting his son in a top position was going to cause friction, which nearly always happened, so when the right opportunity came along he gave Harry Jnr the job. Harry Senior’s right hand man was Craig “Calming” Jones whose nickname was “Calming” because he was total psycho, Calming had a loyal to the bone hit squad that was headed by Phil “Cheesy” McGuan who would kill, maim and torture anyone who stood in Harry Senior’s way.
So when the Mafia tried to open shop in Chelsea, Harry Junior’s job, with the help of Tomatoes, Blacky and The Bulldozer was to find and beat anyone whose last name ended in a vowel. Needless to say the message was clear; the Mafia was not welcome in Chelsea. It was then obvious that Harry Jnr was not just his fathers’ son but that he possessed a violent and cunning nature as did his mates.
Within months of the Italian fiasco Harry Jnr was working along side his father and accompanying him to meetings with top officials of other gangs from London, Junior was also present at a lot of union meetings in which Harry Senior had a major stronghold. His main job was to sort out situations in which employers or employees were upset, he would go to places and “negotiate” for what ever side was paying and trust me people got the picture.
Harry Snr had been in control since before World War II, he was a young up and coming gangster with big ideas, he was not as far sighted as to see the war coming, but fortunately for him and probably unfortunate for Britain he was ineligible for service as he had failed the medical, when he was growing up he was poor, not like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poor but pretty poor. He would steel anything he could, like bread and milk straight out of trucks. He became so proficient at steeling goods that it soon came to the attention of the blokes who ran the territory, who owned nearly every business in the area and every criminal too.

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