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A town full of drugs and violence can never be healthy, because all you can do is join in.
Sean and Luke sit in a darkened room on a Friday night, watching television and occasionally making conversation. While the rest of the town, squabble over long forgotten grudges.
Mike and Phil sit at the pub just down the road after work, playing pool and talking shit. Their mates with Sean and Luke, they have been mates for way too long, and rarely see each other anymore, all live together.
Sean and Luke would rather sit at home and watch Friday night T.V than engage in the mindless violence that surrounds night life. It’s not like they think their better than that, it’s just they don’t see the fun in getting the shit kicked out of them.
Four twenty something males sit in a darkened room in Inner City Melbourne waiting for pay day. It’s like this every day, Monday’s come around and neither of them have any money. Tuesday’s are even worst the only thing that keeps them from walking out the door of their medium waged jobs is the weekend.
Wednesday’s are just as pointless, it’s the middle of the week and as usual there’s nothing on T.V but cop drama’s that start with a dead body and end with confusion on how they caught the offender, or, family comedies with an aging comedian as the Dad and an unusually good looking wife that starts with an argument and end with them all hugging and agreeing that they will always be together.
Thursday’s are the same but always end up with them getting drunk or stoned and passing out before they get a chance to go to bed.
When Friday’s come they all seem baffled at where the week went, and they remember the nights spent at home waiting for the very day to come.
They go to their local and spend a small fortune, and then got out and get kicked out by bouncer’s who still hold grudges from primary school.
The next day is spent with either more beers for the alcoholics or marijuana for the drug addicts.
Mick wakes up to a hung over and a dry mouth and starts the day again, he gets the sambuca bottle from his cupboard and puts a shot into a coffee mug, while the water’s still boiling he hears there’s a T.V going on in the front room.
Two of his room mates are sitting in a darkened room, laughing at the movie on television. They only look to see who walks in and they remain quite while watching the movie.
“Fucken hell, big one last night”
“Yeah, shit I’m hangover like a sheet mate”
“Where’d you go Pete?”
“We got kicked out of the Swan at about two” Pete, one of the blokes who usually stays at the share house, said
“Who kicked ya out?”
“Oh you know the guy we used to give shit to at Primary School, Chimley?”
Pete had gone to school with Mick and Phil; he was one of the only guys they stayed in regular contact with.
“Oh, what he’s a bouncer?”
“Yeah don’t you remember giving him shit last week when he kicked Xav out?”
“Does anyone want a coffee?”
“With a heart starter?” Sean says
“Don’t you know it” Mick says over his shoulder.
The sambuca in the coffee trick has been a long standing tradition in the house, and every morning after a big one the originator made one for the guys who look the worst.
Truth is though, Mick has one every morning just to get enough energy to get up to go to work.
The water boils and realises there’s no milk, “Fuck, who drunk all the milk?”
The tradition was broken on that weekend.
There are four males living in the share house, each of them have accumulated a fair amount of debt over the years. They may be young, but HECS has to be paid. Three of them studied at university and each of them have developed an addiction.
Two of them were from central Victoria and decided to study Business Management together. They stayed in a house near the University and whilst there they had developed a strong marijuana habit, they had dabbled in the habit before going to university but the freedom of being away from home seduced them further.
They had always been keen drinkers, and met two other males from Melbourne who shared their love of getting pissed on the weekends and any other time they felt like it.
The four young men were now regularly seeing each other, going over to each other houses from time to time to smoke or to drink, whatever was around.
There was a criminal element to the drug taking scene at Melbourne University, but none of the four men were very regular hard drug takers and as a result stayed away from the unsociable criminals who were often seen at the University trying to sell their wares.
Mick’s on and off again girlfriend comes around every weekend, they can be always be heard by the other guys in the house, and Sean and Phil are convinced that old dude across the street probably gets his rocks off to the sound.
“The poor old cunt probably hasn’t seen or heard pussy for decades” Mick said one Saturday afternoon.
The others laughed, and Luke spills ash on the ground from the cone as he struggles to hold back a giggle.
“Funny one, Luke?”
“I was just imagining the old bloke, getting up from his crappy old seat and furiously wanking”
Sean comes home after a working in a trendy café/bar in the city, the type where snobby businessmen come to have a drink after working in their large business firms. His been dealing with wankers all night, and is in no mood to deal with them in his own home.
Mick’s pissed again, yelling and being an all round bad drunk, Mick and Sean have been mates for awhile, they both share a love for drinking, although Sean can hold out for the weekend to have a drink, Mick can’t.
Sitting with Mick are blokes from his work, guys that the majority of the others can’t stand.
“Hey, Seanie, come and sit down with us for a while”
“Nah, mate I’m buggered” Sean replies “I’m going to bed”
“Oh, fuck ya then” Mick yells out.
Sean goes into his room, rolls a joint sits back, relaxes and watches T.V.
The next day Mick’s feeling like a pile of shit, Sean contemplates telling Mick his mates aren’t welcome, but decides it’s not the best time to confront his alcoholic semi schizophrenic room mate.
Sean has to work that night, so he takes it easy. He finishes late again, all he wants to is walk out of the club, go home smoke a joint and sleep, but he’d rather stay at work then go home to Mick.
Sure enough Mick is pissed, but with his girlfriend so he stays in his room. The couple are either fighting or fucking usually fighting over some pointless issue.
Tonight they fight, their arguing becomes so loud that Phil, the morning factory worker gets out of bed and tells them to FUCK UP.
Mick takes the interruption as a direct insult. So the next day their both at home, Mick starts an argument about the event of the previous night.
“What was that all about, telling me to Fuck Up?” Mick says.
“Some of us need their beauty sleep, Mick” Phil replies.
“Who here was trying to sleep last night?” Mick asks the whole house.
No one answers back; it’s clear that no one wants to get involved.
“Oh. Well Fuck you all” Mick angrily replies to everyone’s silence.
“Look, all I wanted was to have a quite sleep last night, but you got pissed just like you did the night before and guess what, I wanted to sleep then too”
“Oh, I see it’s not about you getting sleep, it’s about my mates coming around”
“I won’t pretend that I like arrogant fuckwits, who wake me up when I’m trying to sleep”
“What’ve you got against them?” Mick asked “They’ve done nothing wrong to you”
“The fact they come over and break glasses and I have to walk through it, I doubt that I if I went to their houses and did half the shit that they do here that they wouldn’t be just a little pissed off.
“And the fact that when your girlfriend comes over, all you do is make noise doesn’t help”
“Oh, I see, you’re jealous”
“Oh Yeah, I’m jealous that my girlfriends fucked half the people in the pub on a Saturday night”
Mick immediately turned around and left the house, Phil knew that he had gone too far this time.
“Fuck, Mick I’m sorry” Phil yelled out, by which time Mick had slammed the door.
Sean and Luke sit in the lounge room stunned at what had just happened. Mick and Phil had been mates since Primary School, usually if they did argue things would be sorted out by the time they met again, but this time it felt different.
They both shrugged at each other, as Phil leaves the house for the pub, not knowing that was exactly where Mick had gone. There’s a pub at the end of the street, they’re known as locals, all the guys at the house have spent a small fortune there, and the least they could do was treat them like royalty.
It was 1997, Mick and Phil are playing “four square” near the dunny blocks at their Primary School, and it’s a sunny spring day and its lunchtime.
Mick is King, Phil is Jack, Pete is Joker and Chimley is Duntz. Although Chimley has gone to the school since the start of term 2, he is still considered the ‘new kid’ and thus still the butt of the jokes.
The new kid bounces to Mick, Mick is out fair and square but Mick’s the school yard bully so no one’s prepared to argue. That day Mick, Phil and Pete exile Chimley in the playground. These days it seems like nothing, but in Primary School it was a major fuax pas.
The next five years the four boys went on the same paths, the same high schools and eventually the same social groups. That day was never talked about again, but it was always at the back of their minds.
It was now ten years later, the four boys were now men, Chimley was exiled in 1997 and thus never got drawn into the life of drugs and alcohol that Mick, Phil and Pete did, but he was always close by.
The three teenagers rarely attended school; they smoked ciggies in the toilets, intimidated students and smoked bongs in their respective parents’ houses. Alcohol was the thing to do, if doing things before they were the thing to do was cool, Mick and Phil were extremely cool.
Back to the present day, Mick has made a lot of enemies over the years his been collectively described as a massive arsehole, especially when intoxicated. Phil usually backs him up, al though he could probably do without his help.
Chimley has been training as a kick boxer, and got a job as a bouncer at a nightclub and a pub that has been known to be a regular for drug dealers and gangsters. Tonight it’s his night off.

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