This is MY Moment...

Hi everyone… well last night (24/11) was the Show ‘This is MY Moment’ at Southport Arts Centre.

Well rehearsals went great and was nice to see my best images being projected in their full glory onto a 20 ft Cinema screen!!!

The show itself went on to be loads and loads of fun with some great talent being shown off and obviously my images being shown and a little bit of comedy thrown in as well…

Big news would be during the interval i have been approached by the YMCA for Southport to, hopefully sometime soon, do a talk with some southport residents on photography and hopefully make some people enjoy the photos and what can be done with a camera…

And then afterwards, when collecting my certificate, the mayor of Sefton has asked if i would like to take part in an art exhibition which again is part of the This Is YOUR Moment series of events and shows….

I’ll keep u all updated on this and thanks for reading this…. Things are gathering speed rather nicely now!!!


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