Nervousness kicking in....

Ok. so i get a phone call on saturday to tell me i have gotten through to the final stage of Seftons (Local Council) This is Your Moment Talent show!!!!

GREAT! i thought until they told me the actual show and exhibition is this saturday so its all hands to the pumps and busy time to get the exhibit all sorted and practice it so i know it off the top of my head!!!

Should be fun if all goes well and afterwards a full newspaper spread so free advertisements for me and hopefully some business from it!

Oh and a little thing too… If the Mayor of Sefton likes my exhibit i could be exhibiting my collection next year as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year so its a very very big thing for me…

I’ll update all 3 of my fans later on once its over and done with.

Thanks for reading the above and goodnight.


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