Dear Redbubble community,

I have to say this before I burst and I know I may offend some, but it’s my truth.

Let me first state, this is NOT directed to photographers who put real work and effort into their shots. I respect photograpers as Artists.

Some of the photos I see on redbubble and specifically in our group are just that;
photos. Snapshots.

I personally have many beautiful photos of all around Ireland after only being here for 7 months. We have already visited village towns and seen the most gorgeous scenery. But, I don’t call it “ART” and I certainly didn’t put any work into it. I pressed a button.

I just don’t think it’s fair for so many of us to fill up this special space we have here with every photo one can muster up. It’s like pollution. It’s overkill. It’s what we humans seem to have the great need to do. Fill empty space.

I wish/want/hope that humans will be more conscious.
Isn’t that what we are supposed to be “getting” right about now, while the water wells dry up and icebergs melt on account of our gas guzzling lifestyles?

Think Green.
and I don’t mean the greedy sense.

Thanks for letting me express this.
I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone for that is not my intent.
Please respect our “bubble” as you would like someone to respect the earth, sea, sky and air.


And now that I have said all that, all I can think of is that saying
“One man’s trash is another mans treasure.”
I could be wrong…..?

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