Presence of mind


The common saying ‘He was absent-minded’ conceals an uncommonly
valuable lesson. In few words it describes man’s woeful wandering
and hints at the homeward course.

A negative response to an exterior challenge separates us from it,
blocking comprehension. Anger or fear makes us absent from clear
vision, and therefore prevents right action.

The opposite of absence is presence. So we can see what it means
to maintain presence of mind. It means to keep your mind where the
action is, to be fully aware of what you are doing at the moment
you do it. This consciousness prevents negative reactions from
separating you from the challenge. Staying at home with your own
mind supplies a comprehension which never permits a challenge to
become a problem.

Go home. Stay at home. There is rest."

thank you to all the red bubblers out there who continue to inspire.

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