I’m so excited!! today I sat the exam i have been hibernating away studying for for what seems like ages. I don’t know how i did or if i passed (December is when i get to know !!) BUT… I do know that now i will have far far far more time to myself, to go out and take pics! I cant wait!! Ive neglected my bubble duties far too long so no more excuse!!

I am off to Newcastle this Friday (26th Oct) as a friend of mine, all the way from San Francisco, is the drummer in a band and I’m gonna head over and see them. The band is "Yesterday and Tomorrow " (Y&T) and are at Newcastle Academy if anyone out there likes rock music, well worth checking them out. They are at Glasgow 25th and Manchester 27th. I will take my camera, watch me brake it again!!

So, there’s no keeping me in! Sorry, just excited to have a life again!! WAHOO!!!

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