Hi Guys..

Hi everyone. I hope I find you all well.

I’ve just logged in for the first time in about a week and everything seems to have changed??!! I’m sure my “blog” was once my “journal” etc!! lol, I’m still such a technophobe…

Anyhow, the reason I’ve been away is because I’m sulking! My camera developed a fault and I’ve had to send it off to get fixed and I feel a bit lost (sob)…
I shouldn’t sulk because Ive had the quickest glance at my activity monitor thingy (and will return to comment as soon as I’ve finished this entry) and its packed full of jaw dropping good entries.. You’ve all been very busy, well done!..

Maddie, my good friend has kindly sent me her spare compact on loan to put me on until my camera is returned to me (in around 4 weeks!) so thanks Maddie, but i haven’t quite got it sussed yet! So please bear with me until i can resume full photographic duties once more…

It will probably do me good as I should be studying for a forthcoming exam and now I’ve no excuse not to pick up my books!… so it’s probably fate or something… Anyhow keep up the good work and I will be passing by to comment ..

Cheers Jo x

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