Featured on the Homepage And More!!!

In the first place I want to wish You All A Happy Shooting New Year and may all your dreams come truth in 2009!

Sorry for my delay the past three weeks! I’ve celebrate the Holidays in California with Johnny my best friend. We had such a great time together with a lot of beautiful adventures I’ve seen LAS VEGAS by NIGHT yeahhh so SUPER and shoot a million of photos ;-)

There’s a lot happened on RedBubble while I was away!
WhooHooo on the very first day, yes I was still in the air, I got featured on the HomePage of RedBubble with my photo Golden Gate Golden Sunset!
I didn’t see it myself but thanks to my sis Ienemien I saw it in a printscreen!
So Superdepuper, thank you so much to the RedBubble team!!!

Work featured on home page
Golden Gate Golden Sunset was featured on the home page 21 days ago (December 21 2008)

Other featured works in several groups! Thank you so much to the hosts your all doing a wonderful job, so great so happy with them all.

Hogweed Winter Sunrise #1 in Natures Wonders and in Sets of Two

Hogweed Winter Sunrise #2 in Sets of Two

Calm Waters in Colors of Water

Shiny Sunflower in Dimensions

Joshua Tree Sunset in Alphabet Soup

And a few works made the Top Ten!

Hello Jakko in the Top Ten of MY BIRD IS A BEAUTY

Golden Gate Golden Sunset Second Place in challenge The Bridge and I

Winter Morning Sunrise in challenge Winter and Winter Related

Art Reflectivity in challenge Redfield Plug in Craquelure

Mermaids Really Exists in challenge Water

Thank you all so very much for the support, messages and votes!
So very, very sweet, your so wonderful!

Wish you A Great Week and A Big Hug, Joke

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