The Fight: Awareness through Unawareness

John Lostrum was a young man going places. He was 27 years old and a structural engineer, but he had the habit of always dreaming of the big things he was going to do in the future, in his future.

One bright sunny Monday while in the office on the building site he was reviewing the blueprints of the building being built on the site, a large mosque for the local band of sufi practitioners in that area.

He looked out the office window as he had heard a noise and his eyes left the blueprints on the large desk where they were spread out. The noise was a loud banging noise and followed by a thud, then banging and a thud again, this time louder. He went outside the office to investigate. Outside he could see some workers gathered around and it appeared there was a fight going on amongst the workers. He saw big Carl, a large man 6 foot 4 in his stockinged feet with big meaty hands, and the other man was Bob who was equally tall but wiry and thin. They were circling and maneuvering. Someone had cleared a space by throwing some bags of cement stacked there out of the way, obviously the thud sound he had heard. He looked around some more and saw that the compressor was still going but was banging on nothing now just on empty air and was making the other noise he had heard.

Then the fight was on, Carl threw a hefty right and slipped a left in behind it. Bob bobbed and weaved sidestepping both punches. Carl aware of something extra about Bob he had never noticed before, circled again and then run full bore at Bob and tried to grab him with the intention of wrestling him to the ground. When he reached where Bob had been standing Bob was no longer there, John had moved equally as quickly and stepped in between the fighters. He only said one word and both fighters retreated and the fight stopped and broke up and ended right there.

John had also been training in the ancient self defence skills of Kutthung Kiaoitsu the martial arts performed by the Australian Aborigines in outback Australia, which allowed them to enter a space and fully occupy it and be there. There full presence right there now, always was felt and life would keep moving without any violence as the full presence of anyone always allows life to flow spontaneously and rightly and life is served rather than disturbed.

He had stepped between the fighters and the word he had said was haramph. Time stopped and the fighters were jolted back to their present minds and to right now and time stopped and moved in another direction and all was well again as John returned to his office.

As soon as he had returned to his office, he heard a loud scream and so he rushed out again to find that Bob had inadvertently walked under the compressor which had been left going but that Carl had moved quickly and with a running dive pushed Bob to safety but had his foot crushed by the compressor and was screaming from the pain.

John again moved swiftly using his training and also trying to be present and not distracted by the scene of blood and crushed bone. The machine’s safety switch was pushed swiftly by John to disarm the machine from making further crushing movements, He called to some men nearby and they lifted Carl away onto an open area. John assessed the injury quickly and asked Zion to get the first aid kit from his office. In no time at all the injury was cleaned up and the blood flow stopped, and a painkiller administered. The ambulance arrived shortly after and big Carl was taken off to Hospital for further treatment.

John realised that he had stopped the fight with his so called training but his awareness was then removed from the now as his ego had basked in what he had done. He had ignored the fact that the compressor was still operating without an operator or for it’s proper use. He had been aware of this from the noise and from seeing it but it just had not registered in his mind. He could have prevented this tragedy and mishap as well. He realized that he must try and to remain there now at all times and there now is never passed and can’t be forgotten.

He had learnt a valuable lesson that day, and being the person he was he kept this to himself for now and went to visit Carl that night whose foot had been saved by his prompt and immediate first aide. At least that was some comfort and he sent a prayer to his God for that.

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