The Little Leprechaun

The little leprechaun smiled arrogantly as he slowly slid his arm around my shoulder. My body shuddered as I turned to look at him. The way his chubby freckled face curled up into a wicked grin made me nauseous. This was the last straw. I had put up with his disturbing looks at the breakfast table and his excitement over the fact that I was going to be sleeping in his room. Also, the fact that he asked if I was going to wear my white T-shirt with nothing under it and the way he was always sneaking up behind me when I wasn’t looking. However, I was not going to take him putting his spine-chilling arm around me. This was not the way I had envisioned my weekend in Maryland. I was not going to let this creepy eight-year-old ruin my weekend.
I turned to look at the leprechaun’s sister Sam, who was staring out the window as her curly strawberry blonde hair ablaze in the light. “Help,” I mouthed, turning my face so that he couldn’t see me.
She nodded and turned to the front of the van. “Mom, Dad. Branson is trying to put his arm…”
She didn’t even get a chance to finish her sentence before her Mom whipped around and slapped Branson. “Don’t you dare assault our guest! I have a right mind to take you inside and whip you!”
Branson’s face flushed a deep red, but I knew he would try again when she wasn’t looking. I was only fifteen, but I wanted to hang out with people my own age, not an eight-year-old. Branson had been following me around like a leech; it was ruining my vacation. I was starting to wonder why I had even come on this trip in the first place.
Six months before, Sam had emailed me asking if I wanted to come and visit. “I promise you’ll have a lot of fun, Jessi. My guy friend Jason is here, and we’ll take you to the boardwalk. You can bring a friend if you want, too.”
I had called up my best friend Nikki, and we purchased tickets that day. I had been so excited at the time, thinking of all the romantic things I could do with Jason. Having a huge crush on a guy halfway across the country usually doesn’t work out for anybody, but I was a daydreamer.
It turned out that Jason didn’t return the feelings. He was more into talking about how great he was at surfing, then mentioning all the girls who liked him. I couldn’t figure out if his personality had changed or if I had just been in love with his curly, long blonde locks and pretty boyish face. Either way, he completely turned me off.
When I told Nikki about it, she grinned and said, “Well, you always have Branson.” I had slapped her, thinking Branson would get over his little crush. I couldn’t be that great.
To no avail, Branson continued to try new and even creepier ways to get my attention. It was pretty hot in Maryland, and the next day Sam asked if we would like to go to the beach. “Sure, “I said, starting to look for my swimsuit, which I couldn’t seem to find. It wasn’t hard to believe, as the house was completely littered with cans, cigarette boxes, dirty clothes, rotten food and even an empty egg carton. When I had met Sam a year before at a photography camp with Jason, she had kept her room spotless; I never suspected she lived with a messy family.
Sam’s older brother Matt appeared from a room in the basement where he had been talking to her grandparents, who lived in a little apartment in the basement. Nikki slept on a couch by the room the first night, until she heard loud noises coming from the apartment. Then, she asked to sleep on the couch upstairs, which was not as comfortable, but a lot more reassuring.
“Have you seen my swimsuit?” I asked, after searching around.
I had my back to Matt, so I had not seen him come up the stairs. He said loudly, “I have your swimsuit.”
I immediately whipped around, wondering if there were two creeps in the family. I had thought Matt, a seventeen year-old who dressed well and kept his blonde hair nicely spiked to be the normal one of the bunch.
He held up the swimsuit and said, “My grandma had it.” Now, I was creeped out. It would have been a lot more normal if Matt had taken it, but the fact that his grandma had it was just beyond weird.
Matt must have seen my eyes get wide and my mouth drop because he quickly said, “She randomly takes things that she thinks are pretty because they make lovely additions to her “pretty room” in the corner of their apartment.”
Nikki started laughing. I had forgotten she was there. “Pretty room?” she asked, twirling her long black hair while her green eyes sparkled from laughter.
Matt shrugged. He looked a little embarrassed, and I decided he was the normal one, aside from Sam. “Well, do you want to go?
I had thought it was going to be the four of us at the beach, but Branson came along as well. When we got to the beach, Branson raced for the water. His bright red hair clashed wildly with his blaze orange shorts; I was glad he wasn’t related to me. Sam and I laid down on the sand while Nikki and Matt went to look for seashells.
“Sam, how do you live with such a crazy family? Branson is a creep, your parents fight all the time and smoke, which makes you cough, and your grandma has a “pretty” room.”
Sam sighed and looked up at the sun, avoiding making eye contact. “Well, I got used to it a long time ago. I was just hoping they would behave. I don’t invite many people over because I know their opinion of me changes, even though I am nothing like my parents. I’m sorry Branson is being so annoying. I honestly thought he would behave.”
I sighed. It wasn’t Sam’s fault she had a crazy family. “Well, there’s only one day left. I just hope that I can get through it.”
As we were leaving, Sam let me know that Jason was coming over later that night. She was expecting me to be happy, but instead I was dreading the whole situation.
Jason arrived around eight o’clock pm, surrounded by an air of smugness. “The girls loved my six-pack today,” he bragged. “I looked amazing. My hair was staying in perfect shape, and the water dripped down my body like an oozing waterfall. I looked sexy, hot and all the girls were falling in love with me.” I rolled my eyes. He was by far one of the most conceited people I had ever met. Jason whipped his blonde hair across his forehead and stared up at the ceiling. “How did I become so hot?”
Sam cleared her throat. “So, anyway, Jason, we were wondering if you wanted to play a game with us or something?”
Jason slowly came back to earth and after Sam repeated her question, he said, “I think we should watch a movie,” then winked at me.
Sam picked out a movie, something about monsters and we sat down to watch it. About twenty minutes into the movie, her grandma called her about something and she left. Nikki ended up getting scared, and Jason asked if she wanted to cuddle with him.
She glared at him, rolled her eyes and whispered in my ear, “He is so into himself it makes me want to puke.” As I laughed, I noticed out of the corner of my eye arrogant Jason staring at me.
Nikki left shortly after that to go to bed, leaving Jason and me alone. Jason turned his attention back to the movie, and I, bored with the cheesy movie, read the Seventeen magazine I found on the dirty floor. I was reading about a new style of clothing coming out when I felt someone’s arm sliding behind me. I thought it was Branson and was going to yell at him when I was suddenly flipped onto my back and Jason’s body appeared over me.
“What are you doing?” I yelled.
“Nothing,” he said as he kissed me.
I pushed my face away, disgusted. “Get off me,” I said and pushed him. But, he was heavy and he kept me carefully pinned under him as he continued to kiss me, his hands slid up my body; I felt more and more disgusted.
“Every girl likes me,” he said after another kiss. “Why don’t you?” As I felt his arm brush my belly, I wondered why I would. I closed my eyes, praying that nothing would happen.
It was while my eyes were closed that I felt the weight come off me and heard yelling, hitting and screaming. I opened my eyes to see the little leprechaun hitting Jason and screaming, “Stop it, you’re hurting her. Leave her alone!”
Jason glared at little leprechaun, but with Jason not on top of me, I was able to body slam Jason into the coffee table and then, shove him on the ground.
Branson screamed for Sam, and both her and her parents came racing up the stairs. I explained what had happened, and Jason was given a choice: he either had to tell his parents or have the police called on him. After calling his parents, he left with them screaming at him. I was crying, and Sam was hugging me. I was so glad that I was going home the next day. I couldn’t believe Branson had saved me. He was a midget compared to Jason, but his crush for me had allowed him to push that thought aside and just attack.
Before leaving the next day, I gave Branson a huge hug and even a kiss on the cheek. He was still a little creepy, but now it was almost kind of cute. Almost. Nikki and I left that day, feeling amazed at the change of events. I had arrived thinking Jason would fall in love with me and left thinking what a slime ball he was. I had felt Branson was creepy, but realized he had a heart of gold.

The Little Leprechaun


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