Taking Things for Granted

I feel as though sometimes I take things for granted. I have some things going on in my life, but I look around at my hurting friend and everything going on and I realize how much I take for granted. My life may be in turmoil right now as I try to catch up on things, as I pray for my grandma, as I continue to try and make things right. As I try and figure things out in my life, others are suffering. They have had people die who are so close to them. I haven’t had anyone die. If my grandma dies (praying to God this does not happen), it will be one of the first. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had family members die. But I never really knew them-they were my mom’s family. I have memories of them, but I don’t remember them. I have had friends die-but it seemed like something I couldn’t grasp…as though they were someone who went away for a while and one day I’ll see them again, you know? But my friend lost one of her closet friends and another friend all in ONE DAY. I couldn’t even imagine. And on top of that, she’s struggling with other things. I feel as though I complain about my life when I should just SHUT UP and accept it. We haven’t had hot water for the past week or so and I thought that was suffering. Some people don’t have water to drink much less water to shower in. Some people have no food to eat and not because of choice. I look around this world and I see how ungrateful I have become. I may be poor and trying to get through college by working my butt off. I may be in debt and I may make poor choices that cause me stress, but I’m alive, I have friends, I have food and I have somewhere to sleep at night. I may have mono and am behind in all my classes because of the effect, but hey, I am in college! I can go to classes. I may waste time when I don’t understand how to do my homework, but I do try and do constructive things, and I don’t waste that much time in front of the TV. I try to help other people out and I am doing good things with my life. So I need to stop analyzing my life, feeling sorry for myself and taking things for granted. I need to live life to the fullest and be happy. Because I am beyond lucky.

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