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This Sunday, visit a National Parks or Botanical Garden

This Sunday, visit a National Parks or Botanical Garden

Australia has a lot to offer the photographer who’s interested in landscape and wilderness photography. To protect these areas there are many national parks and reserves. Red Bubblers have uploaded fantastic images of these wonderful places and they are still discovering more and more of the beauty this unique country has on offer.
The Destination Australia group is testimony of this uniqueness with great images of Australia’s fauna and flora. There is the kangaroo, the platypus, the salty and don’t forget the koala, oke, the beast sleeps 80% of the day but it is very cuddly. The wonderful flowers of the grevilleas and banksias are great feeding places for the honeyeating birds and have you ever tasted the great fig tree jam made from the figs of that wonderful tree? The vastness of the country allows different species in different areas. From the tropical rainforests to the harsh outback. From the nice warm beaches to the snowfields and everywhere you go, there is a National Park to protect the uniqueness of that area.
This Sunday, September 17th is World Parks Day. Pay a park a visit and experience Nature.

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