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The “countess” in this work is a general musing for all men to have a “countess” in their life. Therefore what...

Yon Bellowing Clouds Avaunt

Yon clouds aloft therein the thunder
which sounds for a king much like
a trumpet or clarion announcing louder
for a great heaven to leave the sky!

Yon pillowing transparency above
where the angels dance and love
and abide to their fiery wheels
embellishing their sign with their seals

A lion comes from within and sprouts
a head of a lion upon four wings
soaring onto a humble mount
as the second head begins to bring

A man’s head, from the cherubim
and so forth a noble bird, an eagle
and then fluttering as if something
were child-like, an angel

To spin their heads in circumference
along with wings oblong direction
clockwise and counter preference
time is nothing to their function

As they begin their eternity
guarding a throne, humbly
transmundane, transformed beautifully
how refined, how meticulous
their minds

To uphold universal standing
and unceasing demanding
from God himself they string
every devotion for his ease

Casting their embers from
the clothes they wear
brightest hath became
iridescent is their fair

As if children had begun
to play in a brightest sphere
attired in a holy sun
listing every wishful chant

For the Lyric to present itself
As figments relative to compell
forming from nothing, cherubic chants
come trembling from a cloud avaunt

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