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The “countess” in this work is a general musing for all men to have a “countess” in their life. Therefore what...

The Moonlight

The moonlight of the sky, blue as may
sunny surprised, rays of beamed moon
shine bright. the violet tomb of once ever after
is now the sanctum of reverie, a laughter comes
from that diomond in the sky, the goddess of white blood,
poureth thy soul on earthy havens, relegated humans stir her presence once more,
tis nay a sanctum of legends, whence the mighty hath brung more toil than mortal men do in his days of labor. thy staff see I in the eye of nothingness in the skyline abyss. accursed phantoms reign over that helliscous plane. The moonlight, the moonlight what a sheer delight to come what wicked may in the moonlight.

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