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The “countess” in this work is a general musing for all men to have a “countess” in their life. Therefore what...

The Advent of Sacred Memento

The return of a loss, is a translucent cost of mine,
a fine no mear than what mine eyes see clearer,
tis no harken of whine nor mourn, nor plague, nor storm of enraged persons in a party of political debates. Tis only the brightest of all glances, I peek into its pose,
it was written as if by a scribe on a miss of the significance it forebears in its composition, as if a musician jotted down those words henceforth, to surge the energy and the vivd corresponding insight of that ltter to promise this tone of the violin and the cello a better sound than that of a woman crying, mourning " Tis this the death of our fair city, O estate, O riches of sacrifice, heed my words still, as I die carry unto my dearest will."

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