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The “countess” in this work is a general musing for all men to have a “countess” in their life. Therefore what...

The Rain It pierces my heart

The Rain, it pierces my heart,
a bitterest wet to thwart my meet,
with my sweet Anna Belle, her gown
simmered by the blaze of that humid daze,
the situation, clearly so, my ascetics are at a miss,
they have been tampered by love’s first gentle embrace,
mayhaps my vigorous tongue will token me an edible fruit
though I see a peach thereupon a tree of eve,
must I retrieve? Hast thou been but a revile of the accursed
words my ear suffers form thine brother’s mouth.
droplets fall from the dismal place of sadness and God’s dear grace
doth he morose? If thee truly cries a maelstrom, speak to me O supreme one,
for this rain it pierces my heart.

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