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The “countess” in this work is a general musing for all men to have a “countess” in their life. Therefore what...

Tis The Christmas

Tis The Christmas, Tis Season
Tis The day of Birth for every reason
As Walk I down the street, I am puffed on the cheek by a beautiful snow angel,
falling from the sky in its dome of sudden glory. I heard my girlfriend’s chuckles and laughs, and yet there I stood amass toward the gifts of luxury and of joy. for I was the one fo rher I was her special toy. I winded up with concentration to forage that boy who made her amused, humored, and at the utmost hystrical to his jokes of witticism. Alas, I never found him nor will I ever love again tis an icy spear inserted in my chest, sure I’ll wallow but not when it puts me on death’s cold doorstep. For life’s like fine wine, you’ve gotta give it time, so don’t let this keep your chime in sorrow or no melody come morrow.

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