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The “countess” in this work is a general musing for all men to have a “countess” in their life. Therefore what...

Unscrupulous Mage

The notion of plentiful things are being singed by the touch of fire and immoral things. Subjected and ensnared, we are at a loss of faith and the wholesome value of hope, rotten to the core, our father and leader has fallen, to the blade of tyranny and a willful wretch of a wife. Mass of men, county and beyond, beholden their sympathies and sentiments to our present position, a reverie of doubt though dances ominous about them as though a silver cloth were moving transparent to pass around with ease, their bodies. The black arts, long respected by wretch of black death and evil men alike, has been called forth our hour of daily deliverance of faith, we must conserve what is requisite of us and deploy into the abyss what is tainted and vitiated in value, to except the fretful from our proceedings of hourly and spiritual faith, those who hang their head down in guilt , whose name is blushed with the blood of sin shall hear and adhere to the purity that is of Jesus Christ, shall be dealt with occurring whence the afterlife is of the essence, folly of the sort, they have stricken our love and admiration withal their addition of lies and the ever so meaningless extremity of perjury to thy God’s name. Bound by arrows stern as to not only be indestructible but possess a massive force to deal great palpitation. For when a tyrant rules, many fall to lethal deaths, many a casualty has befallen on these stone steps of this bulk castle and more are to come. For our corporation has lost favor with his majesty thus rendering us to shackles of oppression, burdens of poverty, withal germinated annihilation of our dear crops. Thrashed about like dogs we are. Our bylaws are inexpedient, proverbs that decipher no scripture of truth nor systematic dissolution, which is called upon by those of vile heart. Malign weapons of speech prove no wonder or type of point. Alas, we are strewn to be befallen to nothing more than the very wickedness that was brought about. They transgress and we have nothing more than to ostracize these pestilence, for their impudent ways have dissolved our once beautiful economy, rosy with lead we fire thorns of black death. We have aimlessly pursued endeavors long and battered we have fallen to the bully of perversion and of the sudden applause towards sin and to our damnation we descend into the pit, it never ends. With this standing army we compel our enemies to submit and relinquish their desire to embrace full life, skewering their strong Atlas, dismantling their Wall of Jericho, The Saint never truly goes by the accordance of his claim, whilst the uncleanly feel the mortification of poverty, and an infinitesimal void of unhappiness, through the posture of affairs we envision such a grim forthcoming, how disponding this would be to the public eye if things were to get out of hand in su h an underbred way, by such an ill-mannered method, I must conclude after all with many of my men dead, I must endure with a nice meditation to orb my selfless body to a merry place of solitude and grace, though I may blunder, if I may I shall proceed in confronting my effortless faults with a furious hand and an unbinding authority. Many may snivel at the sight of reading and inhaling what is truly thought to be a vital tool of insight rather than fraught stupidity. In any case, the last thing i would invite into this lovely passage is a common fool of wholly blundered aptitude, inert to the sense of being dumb. I once met such a fool in my daily studies of the outside in the goodness of naturem, such a bittersweet taste this nature did confine, for the man was hapless as we continued our confrontation to and fro the fare nightingale that hung herself on the limbs and radiated not to provocate violence or render us fools but as to produce and blossom a blouse of pettles to emit beauty over our maneuvered heads. Through the seeds of majestic things as to bear through our eyes, lips, tongues, seeing to the new fruits of an old age. Even in the desperations of our colleagues, we need not plead guilty for a crime we did not covet nor having the pleasure to commit. St. Paul was a noble man, through his prestigious writings we bear witness to genius, to the man who denied Jesus, we were astounded by his curiosity for more knowledge than what could inhabit his mind. Through and all, these things become fatal and in sequence the whole body is inhabited by brilliance and an intellect to suite a modern age.

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