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Creating an image is not just viewing what the camera captures but expresses what the artist sees. My images, though seldom of the human...


What do the kinds of people who "steal" your images say about your images?

Every once in a while I would do a Google reverse image search because of certain feedback, web statistics, or just curiosity and boredom. I am often amused by the results where the images end up, who are using them, and how they are being used. The following image, titled Passion, had some curious visitors today and since I have a couple of hours to waste I decided to have a look see. I got to thinking there must be some correlation certain images would attract certain demographic of people, which really is a no-brainer. But how do you find out which groups of people like your stuff, and what people really think about your images? Sure, one can get certain feedback from social networks and artists sites such as RedBubble, 500px and the like. However, most of these feedback are not that u…

End of Challenges

I will no longer participate in any group challenges until RB gets its act together. Not that the vouchers are the only thing making challenges worth while, but they are an incentive for me to comb and enter the challenges daily, with or without vouchers.…

I just thought I would tally things up and go MIA for a bit. In case you have missed these last summer.

Transparent iPad case template template
With link to to my Transparent iPhone case template as well.

Sharing a couple of useful icon images with you
These icons draws attention to your links, included within is View Extra Large image trick.
Hopefully not the last challenge count.
Challenge Winner 47 (20 vouchers)

Color Theme Challenge Blue in A Parad

Bitching - No more challenge vouchers from RB!

So I just got news there going to be No More challenge vouchers from RBas of March 2012!…

Dear Hosts,
As you may know, we introduced group vouchers a few years ago as an incentive to help our group hosts encourage activity in their groups. The group voucher program worked well and Redbubble groups were well on their way. Now that Redbubble groups have thriving communities of their own, we feel it’s a great opportunity to pull together into one Redbubble community where all hosts and their members can participate in challenges and have the opportunity to get noticed for the hard work that is put into our groups by you, the hosts.
As we enter a brand new year, we’ve put our collective heads together to focus on finding positive ways to implement changes to Redbubble. To kick this off, on March

Behind the scene on an Autumn shoot

This post was originally written in – NOVEMBER 05, 2011 and unpublished until now.
From an ongoing discussion in Solo Exhibition’s Photographers’ Café page 3
Now showcased on the RB Weekly Wrap

It was a beautiful autumn day just before 4 pm, I was out driving up the mountain side looking for photo opportunities. I was really hoping to capture some fall colors with streams, especially streams. I have no photos of waterfalls or streams in my portfolio. I always admire those beautiful running water images with long exposure blurs. Envious really. First off, I have been hunting in and around town for picturesque streams for years and I can’t find none. Never mind waterfalls, there isn’t any, period. To be honest, I haven’t gone off the beaten trails often. Secondly, my little compact is not

Sharing a couple of useful icon images with you.

Link to the image,550×550,075,f.jpg

What it does – Using an icon instead of plain text makes it pop out and entices your viewer to take the action. I use this icon when I want my viewers to see a larger view than RB allows; and without leaving your image page when using the “Description” page (it will just overlay on top of the RB image so viewers will stay on RB)

The trick – Upload the larger view to an outside server such as your own, or any free file storage/share websites. Link to it just as you would an image on RB.

See EXAMPLE here. Click on the description tab to see it.

Note: The extra Large view still work in the “Comment” page but takes the viewer to the image’s site.


Link to the image

Hate the new look/UI - Nov/20/2012

Carousels is a great idea! Alas, I hate how the site navigates now. If nothing else, RB has always been a great artists community, the social aspect is second to none and much treasured. There is already a notable drop in interactivity among members and friends, yes RB friends, since the last update. It’s starting to feel lonely here. The new UI is going to make commenting and responding such a PITA I fear that will have a major negative effect on RB’s culture.…

I just spent 5 minutes to mock up a UI that incorporate all the features people want into one page, not the cumbersome awkward confusion it is now.

The new layout does nothing for RB members in terms of ease of use. it takes the control out of the members what they want the visitors to see. And, it will kill the already declining

Transparent Red Bubble iPad Template

A much easier and better way to make your Red Bubble iPad case cover. Works with any programs that can handle layers, and .psd files.…

Favorite this post and share the link. I hope you find this useful.

Download Here

Some simple instructions just in case :)

  • Open the template (note: all the layers are locked so you won’t move them out of alignment by accident)
  • The template should open with the (lowest) background layer already active, if not, click to chose it.
  • Open an image you want to make into an iPad case
  • Flatten the image if it has layers. Skip this if you are working with a .jpg
  • Click and drag the image over to the template
  • Re-size (if necessary) and move the image around until it looks good inside the transparent white frame where it says “Side OF The iPad Case”.
  • Take note that the image

March 2012

Argh, I guess I didn’t post this back in March when I went “inactive”. Nice to be back and seeing all those familiar faces :)…

Sold 48.00″ × 34 canvas of
Romeo & Juliet

November Shower card kchamula

Mellow Yellow card

Large print Inside Looking Out

Published – Thin Ice, and You Can Be So Much More

Challenge Winners 56 (19 vouchers)
Newspapers and Magazines in Photography Challenge Group

Flying Objects in Artists Universe
Beach Bound in Peace Love and Tranquility
April Image of the Month in Peace Love and Tranquility

Cold Winter Season (voucher) in Dips & Trips


Sunrise Sunset in Canadian Artists
Sunrise in Just Fun

Abandoned Places in Weekly Theme Challenges


A series of unfortunate events

Hello again everyone :)…

It’s nice to spam you again. I’ve been mostly absent on RB for the last few months due to a series of unfortunate events. The Friday before Xmas I went to the hospital to get some pain killer or a prescription, and ended up staying there for 20 days. To think, I have not seen a doctor for 30+ years before this… and then all this:
Gull bladder removed
Almost had an heart attack during the surgery, so
Angioplasty with 4 stens
Internal bleeding from all the tests and surgeries,
Needed blood. Reaction to blood transfusion
Also found Helicobacter pylori, some cancer causing bacteria

I fell on my knee and ended back in emergency one week out of the hospital. Shhh, doc doesn’t know it but I was being a dare devil and went shooting a snow storm at the lake when I was suppose t

SOLD 6 large framed prints... and a video

Feeling and loving the mood lately, so I put this together (along with some previously unpublished images), set to the song Moody Manitoba Morning by the Bells.

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I have been over at FineArtAmerica for almost a year now. I was just wondering if I was going to continue with the paid membership since I barely sold enough there to pay for itself. Then today I got spammed with 6 email notification of 6 sales, all from the same buyer, all +24" large framed prints. At first I thought this must be some new scam, and was hesitant to click on the link. But it all checked out. That’s one large chunk of money toward a better camera, ME = one happy person :)

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait