Transparent Red Bubble iPad Template

A much easier and better way to make your Red Bubble iPad case cover. Works with any programs that can handle layers, and .psd files.

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Download Here

Some simple instructions just in case :)

  • Open the template (note: all the layers are locked so you won’t move them out of alignment by accident)
  • The template should open with the (lowest) background layer already active, if not, click to chose it.
  • Open an image you want to make into an iPad case
  • Flatten the image if it has layers. Skip this if you are working with a .jpg
  • Click and drag the image over to the template
  • Re-size (if necessary) and move the image around until it looks good inside the transparent white frame where it says “Side OF The iPad Case”.
  • Take note that the image should cover the transparent red frame (the whole template) from edge to edge.
  • All the layers: Fill Full Frame, Side of Case, White Solid Mask, and Black Solid Mask are only there to make visualization and positioning easier. You can turn any or all of them on and off, however you’d like.
  • Make sure to turn off all the masks/layers except your image before you Save As .jpg

Happy Creating and Keep Smiling :)

PS: If you have somehow missed my Transparent Iphone Template because you were hiding under a rock, GO HERE

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