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Creating an image is not just viewing what the camera captures but expresses what the artist sees. My images, though seldom of the human...

Froggatt Edge WIP for Sojie 14

A Digital translation of Froggatt Edge, Derbyshire by the very talented Sue Nichol

This is another painting that I can identify with one of my favorite places. In fact, my portfolio is full of images from that place (Vaseux Lake); why I also choose to do Digital Art translation instead of Photographic.

Below is a drive by shooting of the scene, the bluff and the red leaf shrubs

I have tried some preliminary tests before I got up the nerve to ask for Sue’s permission, but nothing came close to what draws me to her painting. At least I have the basics I can work with; and know now what I want to do. I hope I can pull it off and will be a pleasant surprise for you all :)

Below are the two images I will be using for this translation.

Summary WIP 2 I have a vision where I want to take this but I am keeping my mind open as I go and lay down the transformations. I am feeling good about this – John Poon

Merging the 2 scenes

Applied Fractalius and used as a Multiply layer over the original merged scene

Then I converted it to two black and white layers, one from the red channel and the other from the green channel. I then selectively blended them together and painted out the sky.

Now I have everything in place, but here comes the tough decision I have to make… as we shall see in the next WIP

Summary WIP 3 I am very tempted to go with this diversion, work more on the sky and touch up the whole scene. But I must resist, for now. I must carry out my original vision, sit on it for a day or two and see how they compare – John Poon

Summary WIP 4 and Final 斷崖落影 But which one? The first one below is an improved version of WIP3, which was a diversion form my original vision. When I first saw Sue’s Froggatt Edge I saw a traditional Chinese watercolor; and because that would be something new in the Sojie workshops.


I have used the same techniques to similate Chinese watercolors before but this one proved to be challenging to fine tune. I have to stop here after 2 day’s work.

The Title 斷崖落影 roughly translate to Under the Shadow of the Bluff,
and the calligraphy roughly translated as:
Just when your path is blocked by the ocean and mountain,
behind the dark green trees and colorful flowers there is yet another vista.
(when you hit rock bottom, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel)

I prefer the watercolor rendition for this workshop, but I am willing to be persuaded otherwise.

What If…
Thanks to all those who responded in kind in my dilemma!
A few people, here and by bmail, suggested what if I overlay both together. Thanks again. So, here I hid a couple of layers to show one of the incarnations getting to the final.

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