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SLAM DUNK GENESIS w/ Optimum Chaos

I’ve gone back and forth on the meaning of life. I conclude that Monte Python made the definitive statement: “Every sperm is sacred.” That coupled with the Life of Brian – particularly the crucifixion chorus singing, “The Bright Side of Life,” while hanging on crosses. There you go, all said and done. Don’t even have to read Nietzsche or Sartre.

I prefer the light side to the dark, humor to grim acceptance (although there are times for each). Still, I am more Zen than anything, plus a strong touch of Deist. Don’t know if that latter is because of my erratic Roman Catholic upbringing, but I do believe in some sort of life force, great spirit, for want of other words. For all I know though, god is a composite of all souls, or a board of directors, or an alien playing space invaders, paranoid self-delusion, or just a behavioral evolutionary panic inhibitor.

Believing in a god, however, does not preclude the overwhelming sense that the world is one big crap shoot and loony bin. If the “divine being” has some sort of purpose, other than hanging out and looking at stuff, I have yet to discern it, but then who am I? Moses, he/she/it talks to; Me, he/she/it doesn’t call, he/she/it doesn’t write…

Sci Fi Ref: CANTICLE FOR LIEBOWITZ, Walter Miller Jr.

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