People Are Interesting

One of my favourite challenges in photography is taking portraits of people I’ve approached on the street or elsewhere. I’m not a huge fan of candid street shots of people who are unaware they are being photographed. Although I do from time to time take such shots….. I much prefer to approach someone I find interesting and seek permission to photograph them. The reward I get from it is more about creating an opportunity to have a conversation with someone I would normally never have met.
The technical quality of the photos is as variable as the circumstances and conditions they are taken in…. But from a purely personal point of view, each photos appeal to me is more about the conversation that was taking place at the time, the discovery that every person has a story worth telling and the generosity of this person in letting me see just a little bit of who they are….
I’ve begun uploading some of my collection of these photographs. They are not for sale as I have to date only ever represented myself as an amateur hobby photographer and these people have agreed to be photographed on that basis. I have in recent times made it clear that the photos could end up on the internet in one form or another………..
Some of the photos I will put up date from over twenty years ago when I was studying photography and social commentary. Others are more recent…….
I hope you enjoy them and take the time to read the brief background to who these people are or were…..

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