Calling in sick

Calling in sick.
I was thinking about an old friend today,Gerald MaCarthur
He was always good for a few laughs.
We worked together in this warehouse in the city.
We worked the evening shift.
Gerald lived in Blanchard, which is about 40 miles from work.
We both arrived at work early on this cold snowy day, more like a blizzard outside.We was setting in the break room waiting for the time to go to work.
Then just out of the blue he said, I think I`ll call in sick, He got up and went to the pay phone there in the break room. He called the office on the other side of the wall, He told the boss the weather, roads were way to bad and he would not make it in to night, Then he said Joe(the boss) will you look in the break room and see if I left my lunch box in there, it has my name on it.
The door to the

Art sites that do not push their political agenda

Art sites that do not push their political agenda,….could someone please point them out to me.
I gave up Sports, Movies and other things in my life because of their political agenda.
I just wish to have a little peace in my life,…get away from all the BS.

Some of us are not treated as equals,…They should not pick a side, Treat everyone`s art the same.

Limited Internet

Looks like I am going to have limited internet for the foreseeable future.
For the last year my internet service has been either not very good or not there at all.
So to take stress off my self trying to stay up with everything on the RB, I have decided to just limit my time at the bubble, not what I wish to do, but something I need to do.
I will be cutting back on the # of groups which am now a member, I think I`m only in ten, so very little I can cut there.
I will still try to post art from time to time, But that takes a hour or longer, and sometimes I have to redo it several times,just to get it to post.
When I have internet, I`ll try to view the art of other`s, and make comments.
Take care my friends, I have always enjoyed viewing your art.

RB ads

I was wondering if other people are seeing Red-bubble ads all over the place.
I think it`s great that they are placing ads,..I`m sure it helps with sells.
What I not understand is the ads that I`m seeing,..
Usually it`s a ad with six different art image side by side.
What I usually see is a art image of the last image I viewed on the bubble,….and the rest of them will be girls in some kind of bathing suit,….
I really do not understand their thinking behind these ads.
Usually the odd image in the group of images is one of my own art products, Are they trying to get me to buy my own stuff.
I will never understand this place, As time moves on the more insane this place gets.

Just for fun,….try this LINK and tell me what kind of RB ad you are seeing.

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