Take a look at these two

As a way of saying thank you for putting up with my flippant, sometimes OTT remarks, and of course to promote their superb work I am asking you all to take a look at the pages of Elana Bailey and Aroha who are excellent photographers and very nice to chat with as well. I’m sure their husbands find me a pain.

I am giving RB a break for a while (not too long I hope) to concentrate on family matters; my kids homework, their triumphs and tribulations, my over-worked better-half, my job (been out of work for a long-time this year), my un-sold UK house, my family in the UK who I haven’t seen for nearly a year and a 1001 other things that need my attention. So you can fill-in time with E and A by posting loads of comments, praise, cheeky quips and I’m sure they don’t need them – purchases and advice.
So here’s their links; make sure you do this.
Hope to be back in a week or so.


These links probably won’t work knowing my grasp of technology but I’m sure you’ll find a way through and be glad you did. Two to watch.

See you soon.

John B.

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