Feeling uneasy

It’s about 3pm here and I’ve discovered this website after entering at poetry.com 4 of my poems. I’ve been meaning to look up art contest and I stumbled upon this today. Interesting website. I do like it! Still trying to figure the whole thing out, but I’m pretty quick with learning. Soon enough, I will upload some of my art work and my poems. I’m feeling uneasy today because I received an email earlier this morning, like around 2:30am from my sweetheart that he quotes, “I will be going out on a mission today and will be collecting all of the prayers from home on this one” which leads me to believe that he will be going somewhere very dangerous and I haven’t heard from him today yet.
I will just continue to hope and pray for all of them. Well, I have to start getting ready for work and cross my fingers that he calls this evening. Until then, this will be continued….

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