Tears in my eyes

I haven’t been on RB for a while, but I’ve just been reading everyone’s comments on the “Black Saturday” bushfires here in Victoria, and the outpouring of peoples grief, empathy and emotional meanderings have me touched to the very depth of my soul.…

I was in Brisbane when it all happened, but returned to Melbourne on Monday afternoon. I flew over some of the affected areas, and the smoke was too thick for anything to be seen on the ground. But being back, being in the city and talking to people has made me realise that when something of this magnitude happens, people are so generous, caring and genuinely concerned about people they don’t know.

I don’t sell any work on here, so it’s not really appropriate for me to say that I will donate any proceeds, but I wouldn’t feel like that was enou

Help! - post production guidance!

This is a friends’ favourite bridge, and with her birthday coming up thought I would snap a shot of it and get it framed for her.

Just wondering if you think it’s okay on its own or I could add a bit to it. It was the best shot out of the hundreds I took, and different angles…

Any ideas would be hugely welcomed…

Thanks a bunch.



Every morning, without fail, I see the most amazing display of love between humans anyone can possibly see.
A family get on the train a few stops down from mine. I am assuming it is the father and his two young daughters, probably aged about seven and nine years old. They get on the train and find their seats, and on the other side of the closing doors is – and again I am assuming here, the mother and wife. She stands on the platform, waiting for her family to find their seats and get settled. Then when the doors start to close and the train moves off, the girls and the father wave goodbye to the woman, left on the platform.
Now the train is moving, she is running alongside the train, still waving, and the family, in the train are still waving back. And don’t stop until they can no long…

Tips and thanks

I just want to say thank you to Red Bubble and everyone who has contributed to the Learning Centre forums!

Without which I would never have been able to create pictures like these.

I am a complete novice when it comes to Photoshop and other applications, so this has helped me immensely. I have been a bit quiet lately, but am hoping to get back on to the Red Bubble saddle soon.

Thanks again!


one mojo!

Has anyone seen it out there?? I can’t find it anywhere! I seem to have misplaced it in between work and homelife…
If anyone finds my mojo, please return it!

I’m sad without it!

So, for some reason I have lost all inspiration to try and create… I don’t know if it’s because I just can’t find the time or if it’s just because I look at all the work on here, and don’t feel up to it :-(

If anyone has some tips, feels like imparting their wisdom, or just wants to go out wandering through Melbourne and surrounds, take some photos and just impart their wisdom please let me know! I could use the encouragement!

Thanks a bunch

Not green-fingered

Well after all these years, I am actually learning a little bit more about the names of flowers and plants from the well organised group of Fabulous Flowers. For someone who is not green fingered, and only really knew what roses, sunflowers and gerberas looked like, this has been very enlightening. So for all of you who are in this group – Thank you for enlightening this flower ignorant person! LOL

On another note, I am heading off to Kiwiland for two weeks for a bit of a post Christmas break, so I won’t be around to comment, add or just generally be annoying for that time. But on the upside, I have my new camera to take with me, and will hopefully be coming back with some shots which are Bubble worthy.


Digital EOS courses?

It’s arrived – my new Canon EOS 400D has arrived, and I’m loving it, although a little confused still – there’s so many additional functions, that I have no idea what is what!

Does anyone know of any courses in Australia on the EOS DSLRs? I did a similar course in the UK a few years ago with my EOS 300, which was only for EOS users, but am wondering if anyone has heard of any of these in Aus. I have googled it, but to no avail.

Watch this space for all my new fandangled piccies!

Have a great day


Finally - my first DSLR!

So I ordered the Canon EOS 400D, with an 18-85mm lens today.
I am beside myself with excitement, and can not wait for it to arrive! Very, very excited. So now I am never going to be at home, and going out every minute I can trying to find some good shots to take.
If anyone has any tips to share on this camera, and also what other lens would be good with this, please feel free to share.
Now all I need is a tripod, a flash, a remote…. and the list goes on…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait