This profile is a collection of artist images representing over 10 years of me creatively expressing through my form.

My writing expressing to know Beauty and Truth.
Realisation of walking within and being these essences opens an ease of elegance and trust through my body
This extension of who I am is the trust of knowing into the core of what life is about.
To know and Be within life as an essence gift from Source.
I look to be an expression into life from gratitude, wonder and joy
Uniting the sacred presence of who I am allows myself the freedom to existence in Wisdom, creative flow and be of Grace.

A beautiful place to create and live in.

I love movies that touch a depth in me that I find hard to locate in everyday life.

I love baths as they show me how I can soothe and nurture me.

I love the ocean as water finds a depth and capacity in me that reminds me of who I am and can be.

I love the atmosphere after a storm. It reminds me how to be the calm after the storm in me.

I love the smell of rain before it does rain /* I love the sound of rain falling on an old tin roof./ * I love the smell of rain falling on a road after a hot day.

I love music and words that help explain life at a depth I am so dedicated to know.

Coming into expressing myself through writing and art has been finding such creativity that allows me to feel the true essence of me.

By viewing the art I get drawn to on redbubble allows a surrendering space to open within myself. This inspires me to maintain in a direction for truth and allows a creative energy in me to start unfolding

With these openings within myself I have struggled to own and believe how I can be open in life and continuing being open for life. I do know that life can show me the truth of this, once I only have trust in the depth of me.
I do challenge this freedom I know I can have from within. Embracing and understanding all facets of myself has been an on-going dedication to break out of the self destructive patterns.
I have tended to create obstacles to stop me from being my true self. (though most unconscious and due to conditioning). Being creative is a drive to this freedom.

Art modelling has been a doorway into myself, finding an absolute and abundant feeling of freedom that I wish to exist it in all that I am. Working with photographers and artist doing mainly artist nude and sitting for life drawing classes has made this possible.
I love the freedom that is opened in myself when I do this kind of work, especially when I am doing naked work. When I walk away from sitting for a few hours after a life drawing class, I am so full of energy and a new appreciation for life. So appreciative of the people in these classes and how they view the body. It is a body, no matter what shape or size. You have a body, they like to draw. This freedom of thought allows me to be calm and less judging of myself. To just enjoy being drawn.

I am also a massage therapist and the energy that is accessed while I am doing massage work is similiar to the energy freedom I experience in the art modelling. To me the body is an amazing network of intricacies/ levels. The number of systems that run simultaneously and then to the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each body system is inspiring to me. We do live in a work of art.

Through enjoying seeing others create me as art, I have come into accepting more of the work of art I am in. Seeing the form as a gift, not as a conditioning burden bound and weighed down with disease and dysfunction. This restriction is created from a lack of understanding towards the self as a whole unit.

These passions allow me to feel life and myself at a beautiful depth. I endeavour to create and access these energies in all that I walk in.

Expressing to unify through form and life experience.

Thankyou for reading.

  • Joined: December 2007
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