All creatures that inhabit the imaginary are real for me.

Werewolves, unicorns, centaurs, fairies, devils, demons, angels, moon, woods, fireflies, saints, eclipses, equinoxes, sun, mermaids, dragonflies, mountains, sounds under water, birds, a rainbow.
It’s a water spring. All such little things cast me into a kind of autism, into a children’s parallel dimension that I call home.

It’s a fairy-like beauty of the world around me, and the entities that inhabit it are powerful and delicately brutal. I find the veil separating this fantastic surreal of another real world, boring, overcrowded and aggressive, it’s just a thin, transparent lyophilized film.

Mystique! some say… Others prefer to unscrew the forehead with a finger and roll the eyes exclaiming ah! Here is a female version of Don Quixote! Well yes, they are giants!

Painting was the way I found to give birth to the girl’s belief that never left me.
Naively, both technically and in essence, I try to materialize a dream world, make it almost alive, give expression to the mysteries, creating spells to exorcise me from contact with the chilling dimension of lucid men.

My color balance and forms is anti-academic, anti-teaching, anarchic, ignorant.
But the search for an expressive balance of the fundamental antagonistic forces, good and evil, is always a sacred process, magical, Utopian.

All creatures are enigmatic schizophrenic entities. And my representation is always very short of what these luminous visions are able to make known to me from beyond. I wish I could give the breath of life, to truly violent and beautiful beings, pure and vulnerable, delicate and psychotic, sublime beings and powerful, cursed and divine … I wish I could create expressive and moving beings, the full balance of their internal forces, I would like to draw gods.

This immense childishness must be pathological, but consciously chosen; chosen through figurative painting and also through a strange life philosophy, my childhood will always be protected and will last forever.

’Everyone is born beautiful and then made ugly, said brother Preto.

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